“Getting laid is the American way,” Kaz said. I guess I didn’t understand enough of America to realize that I was a subversive for holding out. I figured I was a die-hard romantic in an age where it just wasn’t popular.

“There’s always a happy ending: Death.” – Christopher Reece Kimbrough

Tommy is a clean-cut bookworm still living with his parents. His best friend Kaz is a wanna be rockstar in search of the edge. When the two are offered a pair of tickets to Vegas, Kaz drags the bookish virgin out into the world to teach him about the grime and try to get him laid. Staggering along the midnight city streets and careening down the freeway in the middle of the night their journey becomes a reckless tailspin of romanticism as the two examine the dream of love, the reality of sex, and the theory of rock ‘n’ roll.


Available on Amazon March 2016